An Invitation for YOU

Lately, I have felt a lot more doubt and disbelief in what I have to share, than I did a few months ago.

Every time I want to write and share an idea or a thought that I feel has profoundly impacted me (and may do the same for others), I am stopped almost exactly at the moment I have the good thought, with thoughts like this: You don’t even know what to say.  There are TONS of other women already saying that.  Someone is going to say that later today.  Someone already did something like that- are you trying to copy them?  What’s your intention in sharing this?  It’s not that important…

And on and on and on… the thoughts continue to spiral until I’ve either forgotten the good thought I was thinking or I feel so defeated that I decide not to share.

And then I go about my day and after a few more hours, another good experience comes to mind along with  that immediate desire to share the light I feel.

And sometimes, rather than the negative thoughts creeping in, something like the lyrics to the following song come to my mind.  These are the words that gave me one final push to start this blog and to try and shine a little bit of light in this often seemingly dim world.


Can you hear it,

Can you hear it,

Angles are calling your name.


Do you feel it,

Do you feel it,

Heaven is lighting a flame.


There’s a voice in your heart

Whispering who you are.


Can you see it,

Can you see it,

Your place in the Father’s design.


Are you ready,

Are you ready,

This is your season to shine.


There’s a voice through the dark

Gathering noble hearts


You carry the light of His Son

And running through your veins is royal blood


You’re the brave and the strong, you’re the faithful

You have been saved for this moment in time.


You hear the call, you feel the flame, you’ve been prepared-

Come take your place.


Can you hear the angels calling you?

Do you recognize your name?

Can you see your part in His Design?

No one else can take your place.

There’s a voice clear and strong-

You’re right where you belong.


-Hilary Weeks, Come Take Your Place


Music is a huge part of my life and I believe it holds strong power to affect our souls.  This song stirs my soul and I feel every word of it.  “Heaven is lighting a flame…”  “This is your season to shine…” “You carry the light of His Son…”  “You feel the flame, you’ve been prepared…” “Come take your place.”

You’re either thinking, “Yes! Ok!  I’ve felt it too! I’m ready to take my place and shine light!”  Or maybe you’re thinking, “There’s no place for me… I’ve never had a place… no one even knows me… nothing is going right in my life right now… how could I have anything to share?

If those last thoughts are more like yours, I invite you to start small.  Go to your knees, and to the feet of a loving Savior.  That is his invitation, “Come, follow me” (Luke 18:22).  I promise you have a place at His side and he will reassure you of the place you have in this world- no matter what you think about your place.

The other invitation is to bring your experience and whatever light you have and come to this little community and take your place.  You have a place here.

I’ve been thinking a lot the last few weeks about this space- this little community.  I’ve thought about what kind of feel and vibe I want you to have when you see a post from @ofonelight as you scroll through your IG feed.  I’ve even made it a sincere matter of prayer to ask how I can be an instrument in the hands of God to create a space that is safe and real and shines enough bright light that we can all glean what we need.

The answer is repeatedly John 8:12-  “Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life.”

It’s simple.  Christ is the light, and as we turn to Him, we will reflect that light to others.  But we have to be willing to turn to Him, and we have to be willing to share and shine the light he so freely gives us.

You don’t have to meet any criteria to be here. We all have a story and no matter what it appears on the outside, we each have our trials.  There are good days and bad days and I want to learn from each of you how you handle both.

So, please, no matter your journey, join in the conversation, leave a comment and share your opinion, experience and expertise when you feel prompted.  As we rally around one another, we can uplift and strengthen each other!  No one will get much from me sharing my own thoughts on a regular basis around here.

But I believe there is power in numbers and that technology is a gift we have in this day and age to unite with so many around the world!  What a miraculous thing it is to be able to share stories and experiences with people in multiple locations simultaneously!!  And to share feelings and thoughts and ideas immediately in return- it’s just a beautiful thing.

As we gather together across many different states, heaven really is lighting a flame.  We can spread light and goodness and hope to one another and others around us.  I hope you will come take your place.

Welcome. <3

3 thoughts on “An Invitation for YOU

  1. What a beautiful post!
    I think we have all felt this way at one time or another. I so admire your ability to express your innermost thoughts in writing. Thank you for redirecting me to the Savior! HE IS LIGHT and you reflect that light and share it with others simply by being WHO YOU ARE!
    One of my goals is to be a better listener this year ~ to not interrupt others, as though my experiences are more important than theirs. When I consider sharing the light, the light of Christ, I am reminded that being a better listener, simply being still, is a great way to share the light.
    Our Youth Conference theme this year is “BE THE LIGHT”. I love that because it suggests we become proactive. We are reminded not only to see and recognize light but to BE THE LIGHT for someone else. Thank you for reminding me to spread light.

    1. Thanks Mom. I think you’re a great listener already!! And I love that theme for youth conference!! It’s beautiful!!

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