{Gratitude and Light} Kim

Grateful for imperfection 

“It’s all too easy to fall into a constant cycle of self-improvement. Hustling to become better, to be more. Pinpointing imperfections in myself, the people around me, and my circumstances.

Sometimes, I justify that I’m just progressing. Seeking constant improvement. Isn’t that a good thing?

But really, I think it’s a toxic state of perfectionism.

And nothing kills gratitude like perfectionism.

So, I’m learning to love myself and others not despite their imperfections, but because of them. Our weaknesses are what make us human and make us rely on each other. Our imperfections are what unite and connect us.

I’m choosing not to let perfect be the enemy of good. I’m reveling in moments and relationships and my circumstances not because they are perfect, but because they are good.

And I am grateful they are mine.

Today, choose to love something or someone exactly the way they are. Choose to accept yourself as you are and believe that you are worthy of love and acceptance without a disclaimer. Choose to believe that what you have and who you are is enough and exactly how it should be.”

-Kim, of Talk Wordy to Me

There’s so much beauty in Kim’s writing- so much to internalize and ponder!  What I love most about what Kim says is that “our imperfections are what unite and connect us”.

In the recent weeks, I have had some really meaningful conversations with family and close friends and guess what?!  Each one started with someone sharing an “imperfection” and continued with everyone offering encouragement and love to help the person feeling a little “less than” and imperfect.

I have had my own moments of feeling “less than” and imperfect since starting this blog.  I don’t have fancy pictures, the layout isn’t quite how I’d like it, and when you type in my domain name, a picture of an alligator appears.  (ha!)  It’s totally imperfect.  But I’ve reached out to some incredible women, like Kim,  seeking advice and help.  I have been so grateful to be received with open arms and nothing but love and encouragement.  And you know the best part- it’s connected us!

These women aren’t showing love and offering advice because this little space is “perfect”.   Like I said, it has a long way to go.  But they see its imperfections and love me anyway.

So many of you have cheered me on and put faith in me- despite my imperfections.  And for that I want to say, “Thank You”!  I am truly grateful for every kind comment, written and spoken.

Thank you, Kim, for your beautiful insights.  This topic has been weighing on my mind for several days and your insights on the relation to gratitude are simply “perfect”.

Be sure to visit Kim’s beautiful blog, Talk Wordy to Me, and follow along on Instagram @talkwordytome.  You’ll be amazed at the good she does!  (And if you watch her stories tonight, you’ll get to see her “imperfect Saturday look”, which is perfectly beautiful!)  Kim is uplifting, funny and truly a light!  She has a heart of gold and you will love her!

Happy weekend, friends!