{Gratitude and Light} Lisa

The season of “gifts” is fast approaching.  Maybe it’s already here.  It often feels all-encompassing and like a distraction from the real purpose of the holiday season (focusing on gratitude, our blessings and celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ).
It’s so easy to get sucked into those distractions when they are in every store, on every aisle, on every commercial, and being mailed to every child in America to look through magazines to determine what they want for Christmas.  There are just so many great sales and we really need all those new things, right??
So because I’ve had gifts on my mind (and have been desperately trying to determine how I can veer from that at least a little bit this year to focus more on what matters), I’ve noticed something about all of the posts on gratitude.
Gratitude gives us gifts.
Not the kind from the store though.
It gives us “light, hope, and a place of far more possibility”, as Sarah pointed out.
It gives us a “heavenly connection”, as Ralphie taught.
It gives us “joy” when we simply express “Thank You” to our loved ones, as Bethany explained.
It gives us insight into how our imperfections “unite and connect us”, as Kim said.
It gives us “greater empathy and love for others” and “ultimately strengthens [us]”, as Monica shared.
These gifts can’t be wrapped in a box, nor can they be bought- but don’t all mothers wish they could give them to their children?
I would suggest that maybe we can… through our examples.

Lisa is the beautiful, intentional mother @thrivingmotherhood on Instagram.  If you thought you’d heard all of the gifts that gratitude can give, wait until you read another powerful perspective- and notice from where she learned it.
When I think about gratitude, my thoughts often turn to one of my grandmothers. Her life was far from easy. I am sure as a young girl she never would have dreamed her life would turn out the way it did. But she acted as if her life was a dream.
She had developed a spirit of gratitude that was not tied to her possessions or her circumstances. It allowed her to be free. Free from envy, bitterness, self-pity and discontent.
So now, for me gratitude means freedom. It is the gateway to the life I want, even if it is not the life I envisioned. And when I look at my life with the lens of gratitude, how could I possibly need more?
Gratitude has blessed my life because it fills my heart until there is no room for anything but happiness. Striving to develop a spirit of gratitude, like my grandmother, is one of the greatest gifts I could give myself.
-Lisa, @thrivingmotherhood
Give yourself the gift of freedom today!  Freedom from your past, freedom from imperfections and freedom from what you think defines you.  By choosing gratitude, we are choosing joy.
Thank you, Lisa, for your insights!  Your experience has reminded all of us of the importance of our examples- even for generations to come.
For more inspiration from Lisa, go visit her on Instagram @thrivingmotherhood and say hello!

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  1. I love this idea! I needed to read it TODAY!!! I am committing to choose happiness and gratitude with or without pictures of my children on the walls.

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