{Gratitude and Light} Sarah Jane

I hope your November is off to a beautiful start!  I know as I’ve been pondering and writing how I’ve seen the Lord’s hand in my life, it’s helped me to see it more abundantly.

I thought it’d be fun to try something new- since this blog is brand new and all, I guess anything is new. But I wanted to post a little series along with the challenge of filling our lives with more gratitude by seeing God’s hand every day.  This week, I’ll post a special guest’s thoughts and ideas about gratitude and light- how they go hand-in-hand.

Today’s special guest is Sarah Jane, an author/illustrator, storyteller, artist and the creative mind behind Sarah Jane Studios.  Most importantly though, she’s a wife and mother- “just a normal mama”, as she told me.  Her thoughts about gratitude are beautiful.

“Gratitude is everything.  I find that in life you find what you are looking for.  If you are looking for validation for your fears, you’ll find it.  If you are looking for goodness all around you, you’ll find it.

Gratitude for me is like a lens to see your life, and when you look through that lens, there is always the silver lining.  There is always light.  There is always hope.  It takes me out of my darkness and into a place of far more possibility.”

-Sarah Jane

So profound, right?!  I love the analogy of gratitude being like a lens to see our life.  It made me think of my “nice” camera.

I still use the lens it came with and while it’s great and takes better pictures than my phone, that lens doesn’t allow the camera to totally live up to its capabilities.  I have friends with similar cameras who DO have a really nice (or “fancy” as I like to call it) lens.  Although we have the same camera capabilities, it isn’t until they place their fancy lens on, that they are able to capture truly beautiful pictures!   We can be looking at the SAME exact tree, and one camera captures or “sees” it completely different than the other.

The reason that the camera with the “fancy” lens sees the same tree differently than my camera with its original lens is because the “fancy” lens takes in more light, exposes the best of what its capturing and therefore produces the most beauty.  That’s the key!  Gratitude is that lens that allows more light into our lives! That place of “far more possibility” that Sarah mentioned is within reach, friends!  It’s just a matter of seeing what we already have been given from the Lord, recognizing it, and that’s what will take us there- to that place of greater possibility, greater happiness and greater opportunity to thrive.

When we apply that “fancy” lens called gratitude to our own life, things are captured in a different light and become even more beautiful than when we look without a grateful heart.

Let’s all take a moment to ponder this today and ask ourselves, “How can I use my ‘gratitude lens’ to see the Lord’s hand in my life?”  I know as we look through that lens, we will see all the light and good that fills each of our lives.

I hope you enjoyed reading Sarah’s thoughts as much as I did and can ponder on them today as you continue your focus on gratitude!  Please leave your thoughts below!  We all benefit from sharing with one another.

Thanks, Sarah, for sharing your beautiful heart!

3 thoughts on “{Gratitude and Light} Sarah Jane

  1. I love the idea of the fancy lens and how beautifully you described the impact it can have on our lives. I am also loving doing this challenge. I have wanted to document daily the hand of the Lord in my life for ages now, but it wasn’t until I read your challenge that I am finally doing it. It totally changes the focus of the day to one of success because the Lord was involved, rather than one of failure if things didn’t go as planned.

    1. I’m so glad you’re loving it, Tiffany! It makes such a difference in a day! I loved your thought of how it changes the focus of the day to one of success because the Lord was involved. Beautiful idea!! xoxo

  2. LOVE THIS! The idea that gratitude can take us into a lighter place of more possibility is so beautiful and comforting.
    I have definitely seen that in my own life, and noticed even more since trying your challenge.
    Just this week, I was working on orders in my shop and was overwhelmed at the amount I needed to finish. But as I prayed to the lord, he helped bring to mind that I hadn’t misplaced a single brad nail in a single frame of the many I was making (which I usually do, and causes me a MUCH longer time to finish my frames).
    I finished my frames before midnight and cried as I told my husband about how the lord is with us and cares so much about us. I had been focusing on the orders I needed to finish, and he helped me focus on his mercy and help, and to have gratitude for many orders.

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