The Light Within

“The Light of Christ is as universal as sunlight itself. Wherever there is human life, there is the Spirit of Christ. Every living soul is possessed of it. It is the sponsor of everything that is good. It is the inspirer of everything that will bless and benefit mankind.  It nourishes goodness itself.”

-Boyd K Packer

I’ve thought about this moment, this post, this blog, this idea- for many years now.  The fact that it’s all unfolding right now- this year- this month- on this day- has no significant meaning or reason, other than the fact that I’m following a prompting.  And not just a little tiny thought that “Oh hey- I should start a blog. … the end.”  No.  This has been something basically spelled out exactly for me in the last month.

I’ve felt for several years that I need to be writing things down and recording things that happen in my life- specifically significant milestones and experiences I’ve had that have helped me know where I came from, why I’m here and where I’m going.

I first talked about the idea of starting a blog with my friend, Michelle, when I lived in Arizona.  We were both new, young moms, right in the thick of motherhood (or so it felt- I don’t think either of us could imagine where we’d be today) but it felt like we’d been moms forever and like our own self had kind of been swallowed up by these little babies we were now responsible for raising.  We were both feeling grateful to have a friend who helped us feel like we were still important, despite the monotony of the never-ending laundry, dishes and diaper changes we were doing every day.  Not only did we talk to and encourage one another, but we found good blogs and articles and podcasts to keep us going, give us encouragement, and shed a little light on our seemingly meaningless days.  When Michelle encouraged me to write and share my thoughts, I was excited to think that maybe I had something to share with the world- a little bit of light.

Fast forward several years, more kids, more schooling, more jobs, more states lived in and here I am.  I have 4 beautiful kids and a very handsome husband.  Life has its ups and downs but I have much to be grateful for and I am thankful for all I have experienced thus far in my life.

A few months ago the prompting to write, record and blog started coming back to me again.  It would come and go over the years but I started to pay it some attention recently and I’ve been in awe at the series of events that have taken place.

The details leading up to this will have to come at a later time, but the overarching reason I want to write and share my stories, thoughts, feelings, and the truth I’ve come to know, is because of this:  We are all children of God who came to this earth with the light of Christ.

Every. Single. One. of us has that light- deep down inside.  For some it may burn brightly- to the point that other people are drawn to you because of the light you shine.  For others, it may be buried so deep that you have forgotten what it is yourself.

No matter the position you fall on that light spectrum, you still have it.  You were born with it.  It has been who you are- forever.

President Harold B. Lee explained: “That light never entirely goes out … [speaking of the Light of Christ] unless we commit the unpardonable sin. Its glow may be so dim that we can hardly perceive it, but it is there for us to fan into a flame that shall burn brighter with understanding and with knowledge.”

I have felt that flame change throughout my life and if it has ever started to go dim, there has always been someone to “fan [it] into a flame”.  My prayer is that this blog will be a place anyone can come to share their light or draw light from, because as we share and join our individual lights, they will all grow brighter than any darkness.

This isn’t “just another blog” someone is using to make money, or prove something about “what religion is ‘right’”, or trying to portray my life as anywhere near perfect.  This is about an inner desire to share the light I have come to recognize as truth- to learn, to grow and to join together as a powerful force for good and light the whole world- that that “Light of Christ” innate in each of us will be “as universal as sunlight itself” to every man and woman who walks the earth.

6 thoughts on “The Light Within

  1. Such beautiful words and such a beautiful purpose. I’m so thrilled to read your insights and thoughts and to be inspired by the goodness you share.

  2. You are awesome, Chelsie! I am glad this is coming to fruition for you. What a great pursuit! Love you. -Joseph

  3. You are a great writer! Your thoughts smoothly ran along and make perfect sense. I can’t wait to read further posts on the subject of light. I love the idea of all of us putting out lights together to make a super bright light to help guide us further on this path called life.

  4. Beautiful. You are such a talented writer and I’m excited to read more
    I love the purpose behind this blog, and wish for more of this kind of goodness in the world.

  5. You have always been a light for me and an inspiration! I’m thrilled to follow along and learn on this journey with you. ❤️

  6. What a beautiful message of light and hope! The world needs more people like you who bring us together, encourage us to try a little harder and ultimately share the light. YOU are a light to the world!!!

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